Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Friends, Family & Beyond...

This is my new space to share my story, wherever I happen to be at the moment. Over time, this site will evolve to share more details on my latest adventures, particularly as I prepare to head off to Sudan, where I'll be interning with Mercy Corps.

I feel like it's important to catch up though first, so I'm including galleries from many of my previous travels beforehand, including a large section about my time as a Peace Corps volunteer in Chad (about halfway down the page). Otherwise, things are in mostly chronological order.

Please look around, post a note, and keep in touch. Make sure to check back, as I'll usually have something new to say.



  1. awesomeness. i will follow avidly. i just have to figure out whether to drop you in my "friends" folder in google reader or my "human rights" folder.

    such a tough call. :)

  2. Hi - have a great "journey" and

    Keep updating and
    Take care of yourself

    I'll be following you virtually ;)

    Bye for now,