Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Europe Trip-#7, Copenhagen & Odense

Leaving Switzerland, I went to Denmark, possibly the one person flying to Copenhagen at that time with absolutely nothing to with the COP15 conference on climate change, which happened to coincide with the class reunion I'd come to attend. The city was blanketed in things related to the conference, but it was still possible to see some of the normal touristy stuff. The problem, unfortunately, was the almost all the hotel rooms were booked, meaning that I could only afford to stay in the one place I found for one night, and move on.

It wasn't too bad though- I went to Odense the next day, on the island of Fyn, one of the larger cities in the country. An interesting place, and fun to walk around...

A few of my favorites first, followed by the album.

Nyhavn, the famous (and picturesque) harbor

At the City Hall plaza, full of climate change exhibitions

Banners like this were everywhere.
The main cathedral in Odense, which holds the bones of a saint- see the album for details...

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