Monday, December 28, 2009

Europe Trip-#2, Strasbourg

After leaving Paris, I went on to Alsace in eastern France, where I stopped in the city of Strasbourg. I'd been there before in 2005, but this time I went to visit the Szobodys, a family of American missionaries who I met in Chad when they were living in Gounou-Gaya, the village I served in as a Peace Corps volunteer.

As with the previous post, all the photos (and larger versions of them) can be seen by clicking on the photo in the slideshow. Same as before, I wanted to highlight a few of my favorite photos from the album...

The Strasbourg Cathedral, incredibly imposing- this is one of my
favorite pictures I've ever taken, and was another long-exposure.

Inside the cathedral, with the organ, the columns, the stained glass
and everything else you'd expect from a 500+ year old church.

A section of the Old Town of Strasbourg, with the
traditional Alsatian construction preserved.

A small canal linking up to the Rhine, which
serves as the French/German border.

Followed by the rest of the album...

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