Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Europe Trip-#4, Geneva (Pts. 1 & 2)

I spent a few days in Geneva, staying with a friend of mine who I served with in the Peace Corps- I'd never spent any significant amount of time in Switzerland before, and Geneva was a beautiful place to start. The first album is mostly pictures of all the international things the city is known for, like the UN and the Red Cross, as well as a few photos from the Salève, a cliff overlooking the city. The second album is around the city itself, especially the Old Town and the St. Pierre Cathedral, inside and out.

As with most of these entries, I'm going to post a few standouts, followed by the albums themselves...

Looking down from the Salève, into Geneva and Lac Léman

Perfect timing for a rainbow.

Waiting for the télépherique, the cable car, on the way down...

The St. Pierre Cathedral

Along the Rhone, in the center of the city.

At the UN office, a sculpture representing victims of land mines.
The Palais des Nations, the European home of the UN.

A view of the city, from the top of the cathedral

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